HTTPS Encryption: Time to Upgrade

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secure lock with HTTPS encryption

If your website is not using HTTPS encryption, it’s time to upgrade.

Getting a certificate to enable encryption for your website is easier than ever. You can use a free service like Cloudflare, which does much more for you than just giving your website HTTPS encryption.
You could also use the free service from Let’s Encrypt to generate your own certificate.


Why HTTPS encryption?

It helps to keep your website secure. Nobody can snoop on the traffic between the end user and your website.

Also, according to Google it helps with SEO.

And you don’t want your end user to have this experience:

No lock without HTTPS encryption!



The easiest way to enable HTTPS encryption with Cloudflare is by using the feature they call “Flexible SSL“. This encrypts all traffic between the end user and Cloudflare, but not between Cloudflare and your website. However, the end user will have that little lock icon in their browser. If you are able to though, it’s always better to have full SSL.


Let’s Encrypt

The better way to enable HTTPS encryption is by using your own certificate, since now you are in control and only your web server can see the traffic. Some hosting providers are starting to provide built-in support for Let’s Encrypt.

If your hosting provider doesn’t have this option and you have ssh access to your web server, you can use a tool called Certbot. They have a very nice tutorial to help you set it up. It is even tailored to what software you are using.



Using encryption on your website is essential. Even if you don’t process sensitive information like credit cards. Google announced back in 2014 that they use HTTPS as a ranking factor. If your website isn’t encrypted, it’s time!

Now that you have HTTPS encryption figured out, make sure you also improve SEO by optimizing your images.


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